Vision and Mission

Our Mission & Values

The purpose of the Catholic School is related to the mission of the Church to enable children to know God and to live in communion with Him, and to understand the world in which they live in light of the Gospel.

Catholic Schools share in this mission by their commitment to helping spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Special times are set aside for the teaching of Religion along with Mass and Sacramental Preparations. All children are expected to attend and participate fully as possible in Religious Education instruction and activities.

St Edward’s Primary School strives to develop the whole person; socially, intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and morally so that each may be able to become the person he or she is called to be. This is a special characteristic of a Catholic School.

Our Mission Statement

The St Edward's 'professional learning community' will provide a quality Catholic Education and ensure high levels of learning for all students.


The School Motto is ‘For God and For Country’.