Liturgy and Masses are an important aspect of school life. It is an expression of our faith and a valuable opportunity for giving thanks and for prayer. The whole school comes together for the regular celebration of Liturgy. Weekly K-6 afternoon Liturgies allow us to focus on the Sunday Gospel Reading and prepares us for the week ahead through prayer and reflection. We especially focus on the events of the Church
Year e.g. Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Advent. Parents and friends are most welcome to join us at these special celebrations. Classes often attend Parish morning Masses throughout each Term.

School Prayer

Prayer is an important part of the daily life of the school. Staff and students participate in a variety of prayer opportunities each day. Students learn formal prayers and are encouraged to participate in spontaneous, reflective and meditative prayer. Providing quality prayer experiences is important to our school. We encourage families to do the same at home.


Support of the Missions is also an important aspect of school life. We support the work of the Missions firstly through our prayer and secondly through financial assistance. All children are involved in activities, which assist the work of the Missions.