Stage 3 dance

A dedicated and committed teaching staff focussed on individual learning growth and school improvement.

Principal: Mr Ken McNamara
Parish Priest: Fr Laurie Beath
Secretary:  Mrs Anne Traves
Kindergarten:  Mrs Roxanne Breen
Stage 1:  Mrs Karina Douglass and Mrs Vannessa Fisher
Stage 2:  Mrs Louise Clulow
Stage 3:  Mrs Jenny Waters
Learning Support:  Mrs Anne Hickman
Teacher Aides:  Mrs Karina Etty/ Mrs Rebecca O’Dea
Literacy/Numeracy Aide:  Mrs Anne Hickman
PLC Coordinator:  Mrs Anne Hickman
Aboriginal Aide:  Mrs Anne Hickman
School Counsellor:  Mrs Michelle Steele
Mr Patrick Fitzgerald
Mrs Abbie Morrissey