Travelling to School

WALKING: Use footpath where available. Be aware of Safety Houses as havens if danger threatens. Report any behaviour problems to school. Schools will do their best to prevent any further repetition.

BICYCLES: Must be walked in the school grounds. Helmets must be worn.

BUS: Infant students are eligible to free bus travel. Primary students who live more than 1.6km (radial distance) from the school or 2.3 kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school are eligible to free bus transport. Other Primary students may travel by bus by paying their own fare. Bus Proprietors have the authority to refuse travel for unsatisfactorily behaved students.

While not directly responsible for behaviour to and from school, the school reserves the right to discuss with children and their parents, any report of misbehaviour or dangerous behaviour while the children are in the school uniform.

Parents who drive children to School

Parents who bring or collect children by car are requested to help maintain the safety of other children by abiding by normal road rules:-

  • do not park across or close to the pedestrian crossing
  • do not double park
  • do not U-turn
  • do not park in bus bay

These practices and several others contribute to the potential danger of a child being struck by another vehicle.

The school encourages all parents to use our car park with its entrance being on Tilga St between the school and the convent.

We encourage all parents to collect children at the gate. Students who normally cross the street with safety, when they are leaving school may become very excited when they see a parent across the road and rush across the road without their usual care. For this reason, it is recommended, that parents collect their children at the exit gate, as a safety measure.


  • in writing
  • by phone

or usual arrangements will be followed.


Tilga Street
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Phone: 02 6344 1170